Lake County Banner Contributor Publishes Book

     Lake County native John Dial has recently published a poetry book called “The Thing in the Woods and Other Selected Poems”. This book includes a selection of poems that he has written over the last 10 years. The poems are based loosely on real life events that have happened throughout his life. When asked about what inspired his poems, he replied, “When I was small, I still saw farmers plowing with mules, even saw my father do that. I wat
ched the gravel roads being paved with asphalt. I grew up in the country and rambled up and down country roads with my siblings. Televisions came into play when I was younger. I can remember working in fields and watching how the times changed over the years. These are the things that inspire my poems”.

John was inspired to start writing poems by his mother, Cora Dial. His mother constantly wrote poems, so it was a hobby that he picked up on as well. Mrs. Dial lived to be 91 years old and wrote poems the majority of her life.

It takes him anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to write a poem, and that he normally writes 1 – 2 poems per week. He likes poems that rhyme, and is not a big fan of poetry that does not. When asked if his poems were true, he replied, “If I write about things my family and I did, it really did happen. However, I do change some things around due to writers prerogative”.

“Writing this book is something that was on my bucket list. It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time now”, said John. Aside from writing poems, he also enjoys writing fiction stories. He is currently working on a short fictional novel about a deep space exploration in the far future.

He stated that he likes to grab the reader’s attention by starting right off with the action. John believes that if you put something in poetry form, the reader is more likely to remember it as opposed to it just being put into an article. He hopes that readers will enjoy reminiscing about the past while reading his poems. John’s poems are featured in the State Gazette’s “Poet’s Corner” once a month, as well as in the Lake County Banner weekly.

John appreciates the response towards the release of his book “The Thing in the Woods and Other Selected Poems”. There are copies of the book available for purchase for $12 at the Ridgely Library and at the Lake County Banner office. If you live in Lake County and would like a copy of his book, John will deliver it to you. He can be contacted at 731-442-0234. If you live out of Lake County he charges $15 for the book and shipping charges.


 Shayna Burg


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