Special awards go to three The Dixie ushers


USHER AWARDS – The Dixie Usher Appreciation awards were presented at a July 25 luncheon. From left
are Mildred Yarbrough, Volunteer of the Year; Mayor Dale Kelley; Bob Cloy, Carter-Holbrook Award; Courtney Saylor, Mayor’s Award; and The Dixie’s Executive Director Lori Nolen.

The Dixie’s Executive Director Lori Nolen presented three special awards at the Appreciation Usher
Luncheon on July 25. They included: The Mayor’s Award, the Carter –Holbrook Award and Volunteer of
the Year Award.
Prior to the presentations, Nolen gave accolades to Mayor Dale Kelley for his vision in making The
Dixie a reality, the news media, town recorder Kim Carter and members of The Dixie staff for their
continued support and for the special jobs they do.
In speaking about the ushers, Nolen said the total usher hours worked for this season were 2,224.
“This makes our total usher hours accumulated over 12 seasons close to 29,000,” she said.
The recipient of the Mayor’s Award was Courtney Saylor, which was given for good humor and patience
in public service of the arts.
“This usher volunteered at numerous shows and events throughout this season,” said Nolen. “I recall one
show that ran two weekends and she worked every one of those shows.”
She further noted that she is always kind, and smiling and is so very helpful to the patrons and she called
her wise beyond her 17 years.
“She showed her maturity by just how much she balanced school, extra-curricular activities and sports,
plus spending her weekends and some week nights here ushering at The Dixie,” said Nolen.
Nolen also mentioned that Courtney was up for anything and that her attitude showed through when she
sported a Tinkerbell costume for a freezing cold Main Street Christmas event when someone was needed
for that part.
The recipient of the Carter-Holbrook Award, which is given in organizational volunteer leadership of the
arts, was Bob Cloy.
“Although he is new to The Dixie usher staff this year, he has shown diligence in the task at any position
that he was asked to fill,” said Nolen. “Excellence in organization is most often something you’re just
created with.”
She said that he has shown a sense to help a situation work and maneuver more efficiently.
“This usher has shown excellence in this, even braving a very rainy school time performance season this
year,” she said.
Mildred Yarbrough, who received the Volunteer of the Year award, was lauded for her excellence in
volunteer leadership of the arts.
“This usher volunteered at many shows throughout the season and would even stay for extra
performances that she had not necessarily signed up for, but knew we needed the help,” said Nolen. “She
would greet everyone with a kind smile and word.”
Nolen added that opportunities for children were really where her heart for volunteering was.
“She was always dependable and always steady and capable at her task,” said Nolen.
Ushers were invited to sign up for the 2017-2018 season and attend mandatory usher training Aug. 14.
The group enjoyed a meal of salad greens, grilled chicken with potatoes and green beans, rolls and
chocolate and caramel pie.

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