Lap spread project: Church ladies believe in serving fellow man



SEWING – From left, Bruceton Church of Christ ladies Linda Hillard and Patti Hill sew the items on the colorful lap spreads.

“Then Peter arose and went with them. When he was come, they brought him into the upper chamber: and all he widows stood by him weeping, and shewing the coats and garments which Dorcas made, while she was with them.” Acts 9:39.

The ladies at the Bruceton Church of Christ have shown that they are true examples of this verse and are firm believers in serving their fellow man.

They have made 25 18”x22” colorful lap spreads during three months time, working about an hour a week on this project. The finished product was then presented to Life Care for Alzheimer and dementia residents.

“They are especially designated for these special women and men residents who use them in their laps to touch and feel,” said Patti Hill, who was a member of the sewing group. “We put a lot of work and love in this project.”

THE LAP SPREADS – Bruceton Church of Christ ladies (from left) Linda Hillard, Marjorie Martin, Patti Hill, Linda Burcham and Faye Winsett display some of the lap spreads they have made. Not pictured are Linda Ridings, Loretta Bomar, Jessie Sisson, Samma Hastings and Mary Sloan.

Renee Ford, Life Care’s director of business development, was very appreciative of the donation of spreads and bragged about their beauty and workmanship that went into them.

“We appreciate them very much,” she said. “They will be very beneficial for our residents who need them.”

It was Debbie Ridings’ idea. She had the pattern and also donated the material and items to place on the spreads.

Many of the items she had acquired through yard sales and store sales were used on the spreads.

“We just had a lot of fun doing this project,” said Marjorie Martin, another member of the group. Such items as buttons, lace, beads, zippers, overall galluses, fishing floats, buckles, pockets make the spreads unique. There was one that even had a man’s tie sewn on it.

Linda Hillard and Patti Hill sewed the spreads and secured the items on the spreads so they will stay attached.

PRESENTATION – From left, Life Care’s Director of Business Development Renee Ford, Life Care resident Sue Pruitt and CNA Laura Ivy accept the lap spreads from third and fourth (from left) Linda Burcham and Linda Hillard.

Material had to be cut to the appropriate size, which was done by Martin, Linda Burcham, Faye Winsett, Debbie Ridings, Jessie Sisson, Samma Hastings, Mary Sloan and Loretta Bomar.

It was certainly a labor of love, the ladies agree.

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