Cord Maddox bags what may be record turkey


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TOP TURKEY — Cord Maddox of Huntingdon bagged what may very well be a state record-breaking wild turkey last week while hunting with a friend in Henry County.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), but the massive gobbler Huntingdon resident Cord Maddox bagged last week in Henry County may very well be a new state record.

According to Maddox, he shot the turkey at around 7 a.m. on April 10 while hunting with friend Travis Ward on family-owned property in the western part of Henry County.

“Travis was doing the calling, and it came in all by itself,” said Maddox, who took down the bird from about 25-30 yards away with a single shot from his Bennelli 12-gauge shotgun.

When Maddox came up to examine his kill, he knew right away it was something special.

“It had the biggest spurs on a bird I’ve ever seen,” said 23-year- old Maddox, who has been hunting turkeys since he was a young boy with his grandfather, the late Gerald McCord.

When measured, the right spur turned out to be two and one-sixteenth inches long, while the left spur was one and seven-eighths.

The bird weighed in at 25.37 pounds with a beard that is nearly 13 inches long.

According to Maddox’s figures, his turkey should score 89.5625 points — just a bit higher than the current state record of 89.5 points for a typical turkey.

Maddox has sent in the paperwork with photos and the measurements to the NWTF, but it may be another six weeks before it is confirmed whether or not Maddox is the new state record holder.

A 2012 graduate of Huntingdon High School and the son of Butch and Gena Maddox, Cord Maddox recently graduated from UT Martin with a degree in Agricultural Business.

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