Funding guaranteed for Parkers Crossroads Veterans Cemetery



The Veterans Cemetery at Parkers Crossroads is on go and is guaranteed funding, according to an

announcement by Gov. Bill Haslam and Dept. of Veterans Services Commissioner Many-Bears Grinder.

The state has been awarded nearly $6 million in federal funding from the National Cemetery

Administration for the construction of the Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery at Parkers Crossroads.

Ray Parish of Huntingdon, who is past District Commander of the state Dept. of Veterans of Foreign

Wars and on the Cemetery Steering Committee, said the Dept. of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C. of

the funding had informed him.

The 132-acre cemetery is to be located at 693 Wildersville Rd. and will serve more than 45,000 veterans

and their families in a 17-countywide area.

The grant will fund the construction of a main entrance, an administration building, a maintenance

facility, roads, an assembly area, a committal shelter, 1,308 pre-placed crypts, 451 cremain gravesites, 400

columbarium niches, landscaping and support infrastructure.

The Tennessee counties within a 75 mile radius of the proposed cemetery include: Carroll, Benton,

Chester, Crockett, Decatur, Gibson, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, Henderson, Henry, Lewis, McNairy,

Madison, Perry, Wayne and Weakley counties.

Parish said he and VFW Chief of Staff James Lindsey traveled throughout the state during 2015-2016.

“We met many veterans and attended many funerals,” said Parish. “James and I are very proud and

honored to be a part of this project to move forward now and be a part of history for our veterans. It is truly

an honor and the respect they deserve for a veteran to travel through the hallowed grounds of the Parkers

Crossroads Battlefield to their final resting place in appreciation for their service and sacrifice.”

Parish said he appreciated and thanked each one on the Steering and Support Committees, business,

churches, civic organizations, county officials, groups and individuals for their support for this project.

There are four other state veterans’ cemeteries in the state; two in Knoxville, one in Nashville and one in


“It is important that veterans who live in rural Tennessee have convenient access to a pristine final

resting place, said. Haslam.

“We could not ask for better partners in state and local support to help pave the way for this future state

resource,” said Grinder. “We are excited to move this project forward to a groundbreaking celebration with

intentions of opening this cemetery in 2017.”

Pre-registration will open for the Parkers Crossroads 90 days before construction is completed. The

groundbreaking will be announced in the near future.

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